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Natural & Organic Family Skin and Hair Care Products | Scrummy U

Handmade, Natural, Ayurvedic based products for all the family. We specialise in dry skin and dry hair formulations, so nourishment using kind ingredients is our mantra. Crafted for all, from bump to mum, we’ll keep you scrummy!

When my first child was born, I struggled to find something natural and gentle, paraben-free and rich enough for his naturally dry, eczema prone skin. So I decided to create my own!!

I used only Organic, Ayurvedic and natural ingredients for my family skincare products. My love for kind skincare has grown just as our family has grown, so now his sister enjoys the benefits too. She came along with a different issue of dry hair, and now 7 years on i’ve been crafting beautifully enriching natural products for her hair too.

I’ve had 9 years to experiment, research and adapt and even shared our scrummy creations with family and friends of all nationalities, and it was they who encouraged me to commercialise it. I’ve focused on keeping these products Paraben free, cruelty free, and preservative free, and used recyclable and recycled packaging wherever possible.

So, the story begins. I’m now in a position to extend to you, what we hold dear, and we know it will work as beautifully for your families as it does for ours.

Hilda xx

Our Products are CPSR tested and Soil Association Approved 

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Reuse - Refill - Recycle

All our packaging is High Quality food grade so please do reuse them. If you would like us to refill them kindly post them back to us to refill and award you a discount on your products. All packaging is 100% recyclable and our deodorants are made from 100% recycled paper. Lets keep plastic moving and out of our Oceans and Landfills.

Thank you from Scrummy U.

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Also, we used them last night, usually the Palmer’s cocoa butter has absorbed away and we have dry patches by early morning (usually legs/knees/elbows/feet) BUT with your whipped mousse… we’re all still nice and moisturised!! No more ashy  knees we absolutely love the tingle!!!!


Mum of 3

My daughter has extreme eczema and is currently on antibiotics. The Body Mousse worked wonders in just relieving the itchiness and soreness, it did not cure the eczema, but when we ran out of the mousse my daughters scratching exacerbated. We apply the mousse 4 times a day and it really, really helps.


Mum of 2

LOVE this beautifully created product line. It has been like a medicine for my children who all have very dry skin conditions. Last Summer on holiday one of my son’s skin flared up quite badly as he has very sensitive skin. He was in the pool all day and he was exposed to very hot weather. Even though I had applied suncream, his skin was very inflamed and sore but he felt such relief after applying the Barrier Salve. By the morning his skin was much better and I was able to use the Salve as a barrier throughout the day so that he was able to continue swimming.

I would highly recommend this product in particular, for anyone who is looking for a natural remedy for very dry skin. It smells beautiful and a little goes a long way.

Preet Gata-Aura

Mum of 3 Boys


Dreamy (Raw) Chocolate…

The ancient Cacao (ka·cow) bean is the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate and has had its beneficial properties lovingly utilised for centuries, by indigenous Latin American communities.  Raw Organic Cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries and more calcium than cow’s milk! The bean is at it’s most powerful when untreated and raw and […]

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Avocado Heaven!

From top to bottom, inside and out, it’s one of nature’s greatest fruits! (yes, it’s a fruit!) We use Avocado oil because it’s seriously rich in essential fats and vitamins and skin just loves it! Try to get it cold-pressed from the pulp of the fruit as it’s purer, but the refined version is better […]

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