Are your products 100% organic?

All of our products are 100% natural. All of our butters and our coconut oil are 100% soil association certified organic. We aim for 100% organic however some ingredients are not available to us in organic form for example our Candellila Wax. We are however always updating our sourcing and hope to attain 100% organic formulation where ever possible, but 90% isn’t too bad at all!

How fresh are your products?

We only ever make small batch quantities of any product. We sell products at a reduced rate at our artisan markets if they are nearing the end of optimum freshness. We appreciate that as being preservative free is so important to us, unlike the commercial products, we can’t leave products lying around for years and years. Hence why we make our products a little at a time, but often!

How shall i store these products?

As our products are preservative and stabiliser free they need a little more care than the  commercial stuff.

Some Top Tips!

Preferably keep your natural products in a dark cupboard to help preserve the Essential Oils.

Try not to get water into any of your products as it may spoil them.

The creams and deodorants need to be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid melting.

The Natural Hair Gel needs to live in the fridge please.

Little adjustments to our habits help us reap the benefits of good quality, natural healthy ingredients for our family, so we can limit the amount of parabens and harsh chemicals in our lives.

Is all of your packaging recyclable?

Yes. All our products come in either high grade PET, eco friendly recyclable tubes or high grade aluminium. We aim to be as ecologically conscious as possible and try to minimise our effect on the environment. Once you’ve finished your product we even accept the returned packaging and give you money off your next order as a little thank you from Scrummy U (and the planet too)! Please contact us about this.

Do you use glass or plastic?

We use Aluminium and PET jars. Our Aluminium jars rival glass in terms preserving freshness and our PET jars are of such high grade that they equally preserve the integrity of the essential oils within our products. Due to their lighter weight they also create a smaller carbon transportation footprint. We trialled the use of glass and found it was prone to little accidents by little hands desperate to moisturise themselves! Hence from a safety perspective we settled on top quality Aluminium and PET for our children’s range.

Will you contact me if my order is delayed or out of stock?

Of course! You will receive a confirmation email once your product is dispatched ( we aim for 1-3 days dispatch duration). Should your product not be ready within this time, we will contact you by email. We have designed our website to notify you at the point of browsing, as to whether we have items in stock or not. We hope this helps!

Can i return any items?

Due to Health and Safety reasons we can not accept any returns. If you have any concerns please do contact us info@scrummyu.com and we’ll certainly try and help.


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!